Welcome! This is ISTLM, and I'm Anna, 19 yo crazy cat lady from Budapest, Hungary.

I was writing some posts here regularly for a few months now, and I’m finally on the way of finding my voice and writing style. I learnt that while I enjoy reading some types of content, I don’t necessarily feel great writing them too, so I rounded up all ends, and cleaned up around this little blog of mine. I’m yet again without a „first post”, so it was time to write a little note here to give some context for my blog.

So what is this blog after all?
I found that I feel my best writing about mental health and lifestyle. The market is never saturated enough when it comes to these topics, and I always enjoy peaking into new perspectives. I’m currently on a journey of building up my life from -1, since I’ve gotten to the worst places emotion-wise around 2 years ago, seemingly out of nowhere. Everything I found out about mental health and myself since then is still fresh and a work in progress, and I’m ready to share it.
This blog is also a form of therapy for me, getting myself out there, and being creative in some way. It's something I feel like doing even in my most unmotivated states. I was considering starting Youtube, but oldschool blogging seems to be the best format for me to get across my thoughts and personality. I hope it’s going to be innovative and my advice and opinions will resonate with some of you. If you have any questions for me or about me, just write anywhere in the comments, or on social media!

You can find me on:

Or e-mail me at: annamio@gmail.hu

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