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I really wanted to make some makeup and outfit themed content, but I actually don't have a camera or a smartphone, and my tablet only has a horrible selfie camera (wut). So I'll just go with a really counter intuitive way of starting a blog: complaining about stuff. It's an understatement to say, that I'm not a fan of #goodvibesonly, and I'm a hard person to be around, so instead of, you know, bettering myself, I'll just go and complain the fuck out of everything. The truth is, people are actually really up to shit talking, no matter how much we preach about positivity, so I guess that's just a simple way to let out my frustration in some short sweet posts.

I was probably living in a cave to this point, because it's the first time I've heard about Guru Gossip and similar trash-talking sites about bloggers. So I just searched up some people I follow on YouTube. I have a love-hate relationship with some of these channels, as they are either featuring way too much content for my taste about things like astrology and healing crystals, or they have that kind of I'm-so-original tumblr aesthetics; but some of them actually seem to be really genuine, kind and down to earth people. I never was a fan-girly type of person, so I don't think I'm blind-folded regarding social figures, but I have a pretty hard time citing really negative things about these bloggers. So I was naturally curious what others could point out.
What I found was a free ticket to delve deep into the depths of human jealousy (I'm sure there are some smaller youtubers there trying to bring down more popular "influencers" - I guess this is a word now), and people with a lot of fucking free time on their hand. You know, when people are trying to dig very deep to find something remotely bad about someone, preferably by twisting something they said out as much as possible, just for the plain sake of complaining? Yeah, they could've just written a blog post about it.
There's a whole thread about a blogger possibly living in an apartment paid by her parents. Then I went on the Lily Melrose thread, where people are calling her out for being fat (it's 2017, I thought we were over this) - naturally by first telling that weight shouldn't matter -, and even suggesting she has a split personality disorder. Like, what the hell. Someone's stating using a filter on her videos is part of a "Special Snowflake Syndrome".
People commenting there are also seriously, almost religiously following every single thing these bloggers do. They are subscribed to their channel, no matter how much they cringe at their personality or appearance (boy, they can torture themselves), and know about every little fart they blow before it even happens, like some serious stalker vibes.

I won't go on and preach about how bloggers are humans, and being relatable and not setting unachievable expectations is actually how being a good role model should be, but I seriously questioned whether people can actually be pleased. I'm always trying to meet (or even exceed) expectations, and the fact that I'm a pretty controversial person, especially at first sight, really fuels my anxiety. This experience served as a reality check for me, and this is the first time when I really, deeply understood, that nobody can be liked by everyone.

I guess, at the end positivity is not the only thing that can shape your personality for the better. So feel free to share in the comments any negative experience that somehow helped you understand something about yourself or the world around you. You won't get judged here. In case you still wonder whether there should be a place for negativity in people's mind, I'll talk about it in my next Bad Vibes Only post.

- Anna


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