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Inside the Box – My story, part 1

I was struggling with my mental health in the past 2 years, and went through all layers of shit in the process. I finally feel like I’m on my way to recovery, and also somewhat proud of myself, since what I achieved was in the first place on my own merit. This blog seems to be the right place to share my journey and my advice for everyone in a similar situation, so I felt like writing this series, titled Inside the Box – the box being this crazy head of mine- would be a nice way to start out about the topic. So lets get right to the beginning.
I was in my third year of high school. I took up a bit too many higher level classes, but I learnt to manage them without a time turner. To sound a bit cocky, I’ve never had a problem with school. I’m lucky enough to always have been around the top of my class without actually studying and stressing over my grades. I always knew who I was, had a group of friends, my parents were together, and I never felt behind socially or health wise. So everyt…

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